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New Succinct Brochure – Maintenance Support

A brand new outline of the Mavin Group Maintenance Support Service Alliance is now available as a downloadable pdf. Take a look at the clear messages and diagrams revealing why the Mavin offering has been so successful to date and why the Mavin Maintenance Support Service is a must for any dynamic and forward thinking company.

1. Combined Services
2. Operational Reach
3. Outstanding Service
4. Alliance Benefits
5. Contract Services
6. Residency Services
7. Global Network
8. Support Packages
9. Vendor Support Matrix
10. Technical Skills and Expertise
11. Support Implementation Steps
12. Recycling Services

Download the Maintenance Support Service Alliance here.

UK Construction Magazine features the Mavin Group

Red Vista has continually experienced success with its Modular Data Centres. Read the latest article highlighting the unique selling points of the MDC and two particularly outstanding projects. Click on the following link and go to page 132 to read the article.

London Marathon 2012

Red Vista sponsors the Snowdon Award Scheme – giving grants to disabled students. 5 gnarly individuals are running the London Marathon to raise much needed funds for the charity. Choose one of these brave people to follow as they put their stamina to the test. Kate | Elliot | Mark | Simon | Gerri Unable to choose one? Text Mile 26 £5 to 70070 instead!

Two New Partnerships

Red Vista  is a Diamond Sponsor of DATACENTRE.ME The global, one-stop shop with data centre-related news, information, updates and directory. For more information visit

Red Vista is a proud sponsor of the Snowdon Award Scheme. Based in West Sussex, the small charity gives grants to disabled students studying  higher , further or vocational educational courses. To get involved or find out more visit

Top IT Management Pain Points

Managing the IT infrastructure for any kind of organisation can be a challenge.

IT Managers are faced with a growing and increasingly complex task in the face of budget squeezes and staff cuts. And that’s not to mention the demands of end users and lack of understanding.

What challenges do you face in times when we are expected to do more with less?

We have worked with many of our clients to help them look at better ways of managing their existing infrastrucure which in turn gives them increased productivity and improved efficiency – Our audit services are normally a good starting point when looking to undertake such a project.

Turning Up The Heat In Your Data Centre

We are hearing stories in the press of certain organisations who are cranking up the heat in their data centre to make their data centres more energy-efficient which in turn will cut down on the cost of cooling

Cutting energy use in data centers has become critical for many businesses. Capacity constraints, rising energy costs and the threat of carbon legislation have made the issue an urgent one for some companies.

The first place to look for savings is in the cooling and power distribution systems that account for about half of data center energy consumption.

Red Vista can help you to run a more efficient data centre – take a look how?

An Alternative Approach to Bricks & Mortar

In today’s climate, companies are looking for a more cost effective, flexible and future proof alternative to a typical data centre build.

We are seeing a rise in interest around Green IT and how we can help organisations become more efficient with how they operate and deliver IT resources from the data centre.

We have seen a rise in demand for our bespoke modular data centres, which tick all of the above boxes.

See here –

Is Your Data Centre Going Green?

What steps are you taking to ensure your data centre is green?

Food for thought…

- Reduce the power needed per unit of computer production and storage
- Make equipment more efficient
- Make applications more efficient
- Utilise equipment more effectively (most DC’s run below 15% utilisation)
- Reduce the energy it takes to power and cool the equipment

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View our recorded Webcast

Would you like to learn more about our Change Resolution programme? We have recorded a webcast to give an overview of some of the challenges you may be facing in your IT department and a taster of the tools we have on offer to assist you with making a change.  View our webcast `Supporting People in Times of Change` on BrightTalk. You will need to join up to BrightTalk in order to view the webcast. This is free.

Website Launch!

Welcome to Red Vista`s brand new website!  We hope you find browsing through our services useful.  Request further details on one or more of the services by the end of April for entry to win a race place with Red Vista Palmer Sports during June 2010.  Cannot find what you are looking for?  Send us an information request by visiting our contact page.  If you would like to receive regular news on promotions and services that are relevant to your company please sign up to our promotional eshots on the blue tab at the side of the page.

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